The Creatives

SHAMSIA: is the only female street Artist in Afghanistan. She started as a traditional painter, but after taking part on a graffiti workshop in Kabul, she decided to change her path and become a street artist. In her graffiti’s, Shamsia represents the struggle of women in Afghanistan, and at the same time their strength, power and beauty. After many years of work, Shamsia is today a recognized artist in the international graffiti scene. Due to the power of her message, Shamsia has painted walls in streets of different places of the world, but in Kabul, her own city, she has never had the chance to make a real graffiti on the street.

P.P.T.: They are the first Independent Puppet theatre group of the country. They believe that the future of the country is in the new generations, so they have developed a special approach to work with children, performing in schools and institutes, where young audiences can appreciate their passion and receive their message. Due to the impact of their work, they have received financial support of organizations like UNICEF, bringing a message of peace, and reaching people even in the country side where nobody dares to go because of the conflict. 

Ashraf and Folad ANZURGAR are father and son, both recognized Afghans traditional painters. Through their artwork they show different faces of the story and the people of Afghanistan.
Ashraf has been painting for all of his life, overcoming all conflicts that Afghanistan has lived during the last 30 years.Folad is his son and his best student. They both live together in the same house with their wife’s and kids. A house which is at the same time their studio and exhibition space.

DISTRICT UNKNOWN is the first heavy metal band in Afghanistan. They learned to make music playing covers of old metal bands, and now after three years playing together, they have finally found their own style and have started to write their own songs. Despite being often judged and misunderstood by their own families and the Afghan Islamic society, they have slowly established themselves in the underground and international music scene of Kabul. Throughout their music, they have gained a big fan community that follows them on every concert and presentation, setting the path to more and more young Afghans who are now starting to play metal due to the influence of their sound.

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